These jeggings' pull-on fastening makes it simple to quickly put them on when you're running late for work or a meeting with friends. They are made of a flexible, breathable cotton and denim fabric blend that promises comfort with the added benefit of form retention.

These jeggings fit you beautifully, hugging your legs yet allowing you easy movement. For a proper fit, the waistline is elasticized. Available in all sizes to fit all body types, blue denim jegging pants with pockets are also incredibly simple to wash.

In order to offer you a good shape and define your curves without making you feel constricted or suffocated, these jeggings have a high waist. In order to complete the look and feel of a pair of denim pants, they also have two convenient back pockets and front pockets. Additionally, washing these jeggings is a breeze because you can do it in your washing machine.

Introducing these ultra-rise jeggings from a brand that plays a strong denim game. These jeggings give you the best of both worlds by fusing the virtues of leggings and jeans.

82% Cotton Makes Them Comfortable

These jeggings hug your waist to draw attention to it and run slender across your hips and thighs thanks to their recognizable ultra-high waist design. The fact that they are 82% cotton makes them comfortable to wear throughout the year, and the zipper closing combined with a button gives them a jean-like appearance and feel.

The majority of us who prefer to wear jeggings rather than jeans or leggings do so to enjoy the comfort of leggings while still being able to rock the denim material. Your favorite blouses and tunics may be worn out without sacrificing style thanks to jeggings, which help establish a balance between warmth and fashion. The type of jeggings that you wear is quite important, which can be worn often.

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