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Trending Abaya Style & Design in Pakistan 2024

We are going to show you the trending abaya style and design in Pakistan 2021 online. These trending designs will help you to choose the right style for you. In Pakistan, most women like to wear long abaya designs. Keep this in mind. The designers have done their job by putting forward various abaya designs to add a style to women's looks. 


Long Multi Colors Abaya with Scarf 

In the past couple of years, the black burqa was famous amongst the ladies. Nowadays, multi colors abaya is now trending, and this trend is also growing in Pakistan. Multi colors like Maroon, Grey, Light Pink, Green abaya are also popular. Women like to wear scarves with a long Burqa style.


The Beauty of Women is in Covering Her Body 

The beauty of a woman flourishes more when it doesn't reveal that it means it is in covering her body. Our trending abaya style and various designs for 2021-2021 fulfills this requirement. If a woman is sophisticated, then she will be more conscious about covering her body and her proper dressing style.   


Abaya is Compulsory in Other Countries

Wearing an abaya is not compulsory in Pakistan, but it is now adopted by most modest women to show modesty. But in Arab countries like Saudia Arabia, Turkey, Iran, it is compulsory to dress, and women cannot go out without it. Abaya is one of the decent and most desirable dresses for women, giving her a modest and pure look. This dress makes women feel comfortable and stand out in people and feel secure.  


Looking For New Trending Abaya And Design 2021?

Here we are going to discuss the new trendy & hijab design for 2021. If you are looking for these, then you are in the right place. From simple to fancy, abayas are available in the market. In the last couple of years, various fashion trends and styles have been introduced, and online stores like Zardi have made it easy. 

Here are some trendy abaya collection we have for you


  • Fancy Beaded Abaya 
  • Self Print Abaya 
  • Checkered Abaya 
  • Front Button & Pleats Abaya 
  • Airline Flared Abaya 


Fancy Beaded Abaya

We have a fancy abaya that is decorated with beads in a lovely pattern. It gives a very soft and comfortable feeling. This modest burqa comes with a beautiful hijab matching the style statement. It can be worn as an open abaya or close as it comes with a button-up front closure. It is made up of 100% Nidah fabric. 


Self Print Abaya 

Cover yourself with the latest self-print abaya with full style and grace. The beautiful loose-fitting that touches the floor with lace on the hem and cuff. Pair this abaya with a brooch and get ready to give a style statement. It is crafted from Nidah fabric, and it features a loose fit open front.


Checkered Abaya 

We have introduced some trendy checkered abayas to replace daily cotton wear by Muslim women. These checks always stay in trend. Choose this stylish checkered abaya to look gorgeous and pair it with a matching scarf. Explore the wide range of abaya at 


Front Button & Pleats Abaya

Feminine and delicate, nothing is lady-like as softly as the front button & pleats abaya. This abaya was made by keeping modesty in mind, crafted in our light-weight rayon, and flowy decorated with professional and elegant embroidery on perfectly placed pleats. 


Airline Flared Abaya 

Add a touch of grace to your airline flared abaya. It is comfortable, soft, and compress beautifully. It is moisture absorbent making it more comfortable to wear all day long.

Pair with an elegant pearl button as it is a light-weighted and flowy piece that will surely be a new favorite in this season to wear all year.  


Top 5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Wear Abaya

Hijab gives you an Islamic look. Those who wear hijab are saved from sinning if the heart is pure. Here we have collected some of the celebrities who left showbiz and started wearing the burqa. Most of them host Ramadan transmission while others have totally boycotted the media industry. 

Have a look at Pakistani Celebrities who have started wearing the hijab.


  • Sadia Imam 
  • Urooj Nasir 
  • Satesh Khan 
  • Sara Chaudhry 


Sadia Imam 

Sadia Imam is one of the famous Pakistani actresses who started wearing a hijab when she got married. She Left showbiz and started practicing Islam. She was seen hosting Ramadan Transmission.


Urooj Nasir

Urooj Nasir is a famous Pakistani model, host, and actress. She has quit showbiz and left acting, modeling, and returned to Islam. She also promotes hijab in girls and does hijab tutorials. She has done many Ramadan transmissions.


Satesh Khan

Satesh khan was one of the remarkable Pakistani actresses who quit showbiz due to the deep attachment towards Islam. She also wears an abaya and even wore a hijab on her wedding day.


Sara Chaudhry 

Sara Chaudhry was one of the famous Pakistani actresses and models, but now she is not involved in the showbiz media industry. She left showbiz and now teaches Islam. She declared showbiz haram and completely covered herself.


Abayas are Under Affordable Range in Pakistan

You can also find your favorite colored abaya with your scarf. Most women believe wearing an abaya can bring respect and modesty to them. At Zardi, all trending abaya style and design with high-quality fabric are available. You can also see the reaction and reviews about our abaya at our Zardi online shopping in Pakistan to evaluate whether we are dealing with an online abaya in Pakistan with good quality or not.


Get trending abaya style and design Online in Pakistan At

After seeing so many burqas mentioned above, you must have concluded which one is right for you. We have the latest collection of all kinds of burqa or abaya and trending abaya style and design at affordable rates. Choose your style and look fashionable, modest, and stunning with these modern burqas.


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